Penny Rudy: Permanent Cosmetic Artist
What is Permanent Cosmetics?
It is a gentle depositing of pigment (color) into the skin, (the dermal layer), to enhance one’s natural beauty, accenting the eyes, eyebrows or lips. You will experience comfort & security in the most sanitary conditions while achieving a very natural, beautiful appearance.
Consultation:     Free

Brow, Eye, & Lip Liner
Eye Brows   $425
Eye Liner   $425
Upper Liner   $300
Lower Liner   $200
Full Lip   $495
Lip Liner   $325
Blended Lip Liner   $395
Brow & Eye Liner   $750
Brow, Eye Liner & Lip Liner   $1,025
Brow, Eye Liner & Blended Lip   $1,175
Brow, Eye Liner & Full Lip   $1,275
Camouflage & Correction Consultation
Beginning at $250  
Areola Complex & Restoration
Unilateral $350  
Bilateral $600

All Prices include one free hour long touch-up within 45 days, thereafter, touch-up rates per hour: $175

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